Step by Step Debt Counseling management procedure to guide you

Here is for you a very easy step by step debt counseling guideline to manage and free you from debt.If you have sleepless nights and hear from friends and family of debt counselling,here's how the simple process work and how you can manage your money.Read more…

If you thought debt counselling want to make a profit from you,then you definately wrong, debt counselling is on your side to put you fresh on the road again.Debt Rescue give you a dedicated confidential service to protect you,from creditors that comes with no-care marketing strategies. See the process…..

Debt Counselling it so easy it can be done by e-mail,telephone or you can discuss your debt matters verbally.Here is a full guideline for you to see how it works.

Here is a procedure of Debt Rescue debt counsellors.

1st procedure

You fill in a application form and give all the information of the creditors you have an transaction with.Don't be afraid or feel shame to give all your credit providers.

2nd Procedure

Debt Rescue setup a budget and see if you are in debt.Your monthly expenses must outmatch your income,so that you can be approve and start immediatly with this legal process.

3rd Procedure

If you are in debt,Debt Rescue contact your creditors and the credit bureau and inform them that you are legally under debt review.No more phone calls or contact from creditors to you,and no legal steps can be take against you.

4th Procedure

A professional restructive payment plan are setup,regarding your creditors.This amazingly reduce your monthly expenses because you, only pay one amount that fit your life style.Automatically you have financial breathing space to focus on yourself and family.

5th Procedure

Should the debt restructuring plan be approve by creditors,a consent order from the South African court will be obtained.

6th Procedure

You pay the new lower monthly amount,in legal terms of the debt restructuring plan,to the PDA (Payment distrubution agency)

7th Procedure

The PDA pay all your creditors the amount you owned,according to the debt restructuring plan.

8th Procedure

Debt Rescue check upon you,and see if you pay according to the Debt Restructuring plan.

9th Procedure

When you are finish and kept a dicipline agreement according to the debt obligations,you receive a Clearance Certificate.A report are send to all the credit bureaus.No more blacklist,no sleepless nights.Please when you finish,don't make the same mistake to fall in debt problems,you have learn the emotional side of debt.

This is a very simple restructuring plan,to release from debt and the horrible emotions that goes with it.

Debt Rescue

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